▸ Okay. My problems with the republican candidates (in nutshells):

Michelle Bachmann: 1. Politically unqualified. (she’s only a member of the House of Representatives and has little other experience of any significance) 2. Obsessively compares things to the Bible and frequently calls things “The devil” or associates them with demonology. 3. Screws up historical facts.

Herman Cain: His “999 Plan” would leave this country in more debt than we ever have been in before.

Newt Gingrich: While he was the Speaker of the House, he had 84 ethics charges brought against him and is the only Speaker of the House in history to be disciplined for ethics violations.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.: The only Republican with a bid for the presidency who has reasonably moderate political views, international experience, gubernatorial experience, and a reasonably clean political background. There’s two reasons why he won’t get the bid, though, the first being that no one knows him, the second being that he’s a Mormon, and evangelicals/tea partiers wouldn’t vote for him for that very reason.

Ron Paul: A fiercely Pro-Life Libertarian. I can’t even begin to explain him— I’ve liked him in the past on all issues except that. However, now Paul is trying hard to appeal to tea party and evangelical republicans, which I personally think is a mistake and goes against his views that I’ve been fond of in the past.

Rick Perry: He’s pretty much George W. Bush III, but with unusual immigration views. Used to be a Democrat, but now he mutilates medicaid funding; during his governorship, Texas’s uninsured rate rose to the highest in the country, 26%. When he talks, he sounds like a male version of Sarah Palin.  

Mitt Romney: A more notable but less qualified Mormon than Huntsman. Flip-flopper on many issues, especially social ones. Would like to call himself a “Fiscal Conservative”, despite the term’s inaccuracy regarding him; being a businessman with Conservative social views and running for president doesn’t make one a “Fiscal Conservative”. Will probably also not receive the bid because of evangelical conservatives’ views on Mormons.

Rick Santorum: Attempted to sneak in an amendment to “No Child Left Behind” that would force teachers to teach Intelligent Design and make students question Evolution. Oh, and, type in “Santorum” in google, read the first result. This anti-Santorum website was generated because of slanderous things the Senator has said about Homosexuality, comparing it to sodomy and pedophilia. An internet community decided to make his surname a dirty word in response.