▸ #106: I’m impervious to internet trolling. Literally, dude— I’ve been around since myspace. I’ve seen it all, and not much phases me anymore.

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▸ #105: I like to clean things. I don’t like to clean things if I can’t finish cleaning them in a reasonable amount of time, though.

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▸ #104: I often tell myself I’m going to bed and then don’t do it.

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▸ #103: I have two drastically different sides to myself. The one that 90% of the world sees is quiet and friendly. The other 10% is divided in to all different categories of insane. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in that 10%.

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▸ #102: I love cheese. I don’t know why. But I can eat a whole tub of cottage cheese, a whole pack of string cheese, or a whole platter of cheese and crackers.

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▸ #101: I have a strange bellybutton.

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▸ #100: I’m persistent and determined. I keep things up and see them through until the complete end or physical breakdown of my body. I’m no quitter.

▸ #99: I’ve gotten fancy Christmas cards from the president. They weren’t “personal”, but I don’t think everyone gets them. They were addressed to me, and my parents didn’t get cards.

▸ #98: I try too hard to put the wants and desires of people I care about before my own. This is a paradox for me, however; I want to see the people I love happy because it makes me happy.

▸ #97: I don’t go to concerts very often. I have a condition that makes me very sensitive to harsh sounds and bright lights. But on the rare occasions I do want to go to a concert, I REALLY want to go.

▸ #96: I have come to my own conclusions about the human soul, death, and the afterlife. The theories I’ve made are a blending of many world religions and my opinions of the world. My opinions will probably evolve as I continue to study, but I’ll never completely accept one individual religion’s opinion on those topics.

▸ #95: My first words were “bye-bye, coda!” My dad’s old Macintosh computer would say that when it was being shut down, and to this day I still don’t quite know why it did that.

▸ #94: I love to do volunteer work for kids, animals, and politics.

▸ #93: I love any song that incorporates string instruments like the cello or violin.

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▸ #92: I will play any kind of game until I figure out the best way to beat the system, then play the shit out of it until I grow bored.