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▸ I had this really weird/random/funny dream last night.

I was 14 and in the fourth grade. 

As my class was coming back from lunch, there were two male teachers in the hallway having a Mexican Cheeseburger (taco meat and nacho cheese on little buns) eating competition, where I saw one of my fellow classmates competing. My classmate had a raspy, boyish voice but a headscarf around their head, like a hijab. I couldn’t tell if they were a boy or a girl, but I assumed they were middle eastern from the headscarf and their facial features. I asked what was going on and joined in on the competition.

Then, my came over and told my classmate and I to come to class.

In class, we were having a nacho lesson. We were literally just making nachos. 

We took our nachos out to the playground for recess and started throwing them at other fourth graders. 

Recess was called in, but my teacher didn’t see my odd, sexually ambiguous classmate anywhere. “Melissa, go see if anyone is still out on the playground.” She told me.

I went out and got on the playground elevator, which was mostly glass and freaked me out, so I sat on the floor of it. as the door closed, I saw a sign from my teacher:

"Ask Hershildia how old she is!"

-Ms. Suchandso

Hershildia must’ve been the name of my odd classmate. The elevator stopped, and I sat on the floor for a minute or two. Then, I shouted out for my classmate.


"What?" She responded in her raspy, boyish voice.

"How old are you?"



"Yeah! I’m older than Ms. Suchandso! She can’t tell me when to come inside!"

"You’re 29?"


And then the dream ended there.


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